The success of PCO Europe B.V. in the Asia Pacific Region and the desire to broaden activities by local significant market presence in this important area, led to the foundation of PCO Eastgate.

Based in the Selangor State of Malaysia, PCO EastGate Sdn Bhd began its first step in 2009 in partnership with PCO Europe B.V, by a team of experts with a proven track record of extensive knowledge and experience in the offset printing industry.

The partnership ensures full advantage is taken from the long established expertise of PCO Europe B.V.
Together with the dedicated and highly qualified local management makes this a powerful force. Its outstanding success and growth recently resulted in acquiring a new advanced manufacturing plant with an innovative R&D laboratory. This to ensure continual development of technically superior products to meet changing customer requirements.


Our cooperations produce a synergy that leads to birth of innovation with combined talent and technology at optimized productivity.

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