Dyna Solar Cleaner

Innovative solutions for hard surface cleaning

The modern and extensive R&D facility and the varied team of specialists has led to innovation resulting in the expansion of the Dyna Range with Dyna® Solar Cleaner, a water based high concentrate cleaner for cleaning and protecting solar and photovoltaic panels.

The product efficiently removes deposits like smog, grease, limestone and other crystallized deposits from glass surfaces. Thanks to its surface active formulation, also leaves an antistatic layer which reduces the piling of dust and dirt and extends maintenance times. Dyna® Solar Cleaner also cleans aluminium frames and rubber seals. It is an economic and non-hazardous product with high compatibility properties offering durability to the surfaces treated.

3rd December 2020 – Solar panel (beach side village) in Sabah Malaysia

• Efficient in its use; dilution 2 liter concentrate per 100 liter which equals a dosage of 2%
• Biological degradable
• Anti static properties
• Restores solar absorption capacity to maximum levels at regular usage

APPLICATION: Bucket method
• Apply dosage as described
• Apply the solution with a clean (micro-fibre) cloth, sponge or soft brush
• Lightly rub the solar panels
• Clean from the top to the bottom
• Rinse with some clean water to drive residues away
• Rinse cloth, sponge or brush regularly

APPLICATION: Spray method
• Apply dosage as described
• Fill the spray system
• Spray the diluted cleaner on the surface
• Clean the surface with wipe/soft brush that comes with the spray gun
• Clean from the top to the bottom
• Rinse with some clean water to drive residues away

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