Our commitment
to community and prevention

PCO Eastgate Sdn. Bhd. has launched a campaign #We Are Frontliners #Kita Jaga Kita to create awareness in the aspect of hygiene.

As the saying goes “Charity starts from home”, we have given out complimentary disinfectant cleaner Dyna® Care X-Ion which is formulated with effective anti-microbial ingredient proven to kill > 99.99% bacteria.
This active ingredient also effective against Coronovirus as listed by NEA Singapore.

Dyna® Care X-Ion is a concentrated product. With just 2% in clean water, it features:

  • Disinfect + Clean.
  • Wide spectrum of anti-microbial efficacy.
  • Effectively kill 99.99% bacteria in accordance to BS EN 1040:2005.
  • Alcohol-free and water based. Non-flammable and non-toxic.
  • Neutral pH level of 7-8.
  • Contains biodegradable surfactant.
  • Ideal surface disinfectant for floor, wall, door knob, table, arm rest and all high touch hard surfaces in offices, retails shops, factories, dormitories, home use, public areas etc.
Dyna Care X-Ion