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Finito® is available in different version: Finito® S no adhesive installed as the conventional under packing. Finito® W Self Adhesive, to be pasted directly on the blanket cylinder, offering stability and rapidity in blanket change, ideal for all presses in the size range 19” to 40”. Finito® B based its technology on a double side of TPU, specific for large format, avoiding packing wrinkles, with an high mechanical resistance.
Finito® Circle is the new born, based on the Circular Economy respecting the environment impact, maintain the technology of Finito® to offer the same printing performance.

Finito W

Off Set sheetfed, Small-Medium and Large format

Off Set sheetfed, Small-Medium format. Adhesive

Medium and Large format, not adhesive

Off Set sheetfed, Small-Medium format. No Adhesive

Description Elastomeric Film Laminated on Polyester, high mechanical resistance, high milage. Ready to use thickness Elastomeric Film laminated on Adhesive polyester in ready to use thickness Elastomeric Films on booth sides of the polyester carrier. Offer high stability on press, wrinkle less Based on a paper support
obtained from the recycling of the fruit waste.
Color Acid green Rubin red Acid green / Blue Brown / Light green
Surface Smooth Smooth Smooth Smooth
Tolerance ± 10 μm ± 20 μm ± 20 μm ± 20 μm
(Shore A)
76 76 86 76
Cylinder side Polyester Adhesive Polyester Blue side Either side
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